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The ontology of the platform, based on the ELI's standard ontology.

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All Datasets

Includes all the datasets which compose the platform's Knowledge Base.

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Greek Legislation

This dataset includes all the Greek Legislation data that have been produced through our system by processing Greek Government Gazette (A' issue) documents from 1990 to 2018.

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Greek Legislation - NER

This dataset includes all the named entities that appear in Greek Legislation Dataset and have been produced through the NER component.

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European Legislation

This dataset includes most of the European Directives written in Greek language, from 1964 to 2017.

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This is a set of data that includes information and boundaries of the administrative units of Greece, as they emerged from the administrative division according to the New Architecture of the Local Government and the Decentralized Administration - Kallikratis Program.

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DBPedia Politicians

This dataset includes all the Greek politician known to and properties of these entities like political parties, birthplace etc.

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